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The retail community plays a large role in helping to curb over-the-counter (OTC) cough medicine abuse. Those of you who serve neighborhoods across the country in local pharmacies, supermarkets, and other retail outlets interact with parents each and every day, making you well-positioned to educate them and others in your community about the issue of teen OTC cough medicine abuse and the importance of taking these medicines as directed. You, as a retailer, can make a difference by ordering free educational materials and providing the information with employees at your store location(s).

Fact Sheet

To help prevent teens from abusing OTC cough medicine containing the active ingredient dextromethorphan (DXM), states across the country have passed laws to prohibit the sale of these medicines to minors. As a retailer, it’s important that you know how to comply with this sales restriction. Reference our fact sheet and other helpful retailer materials to learn what to check before you proceed with checkout. Together, we can help prevent teen OTC cough medicine abuse.

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  • Poster


    Place in break rooms to remind employees about the DXM age-restriction law and the risks of abusing OTC cough medicine.

  • Register Reminder

    Register Reminder

    Place this convenient sticker behind the register as an easy checklist for employees to reference during checkout.

  • State-Specific Consumer Handouts

    State-Specific Consumer Handouts

    Share these handouts with customers to educate them on the age restriction law in their state and the risks of abusing OTC cough medicines containing DXM.

  • DXM-Containing OTC Cough Medicines

    DXM-Containing OTC Cough Medicines

    More than 100 medicines contain DXM. This is a list of some of the most common ones.


Publications and Brochures

Check Before Checkout: State Specific Handouts at the Register
Alaska: Download
Arizona: Download
California: Download
Delaware: Download
Florida: Download
Kentucky: Download
Louisiana: Download
Nevada: Download
New Jersey: Download
New York: Download
Oregon: Download
Tennessee: Download
Virginia: Download
Washington: Download

Informing Parents: Preventing Teen Cough Medicine Abuse: A Parent’s Guide
The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids and CHPA
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Educating Teens: The Real Truth About Rx and OTC Cough Medicine Abuse
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