Our Next All-Star!

By Julie Posted March 10, 2008 under

It's my privilege to announce our next Five Moms All-Star: Marilyn Belmonte of Burlington, Massachusetts! As you may know, we started a nationwide search in January for people dedicated to fighting cough medicine abuse. Two months and, now, two All-Stars later, we are so gratified to see so many stories of how what we're doing here on FiveMoms.com is having a real impact in what people are doing in their own communities to fight cough medicine abuse. If you remember from last month, our winner, Rose Mary Kendrick, was a D.A.R.E. officer from Kansas who has been teaching children about over-the-counter medicine abuse. It's only fitting that Marilyn, our newest All-Star, champions our cause by teaching parents and community leaders about this issue. The co-chair of a local task force, Marilyn discovered the Five Moms web site and joined our campaign. Every e-mail she got from us, she passed on to other active parents. It has been a way for her to increase awareness about the issue of cough medicine abuse among other community leaders. Additionally, she has used online research – including the resources found at FiveMoms.com – to inform a course she teaches adults on the risks and signs of teen drug abuse. We are almost to the halfway point of our All-Star search. Do you have a story to share about how you've used what you've learned or downloaded from the Five Moms to fight cough medicine abuse? If so, submit your story today and you could be our next winner. We'll feature you on our site and send you a great package of information on cough medicine abuse and an iPod Touch as a special congrats! Our next contest period ends on March 25, so get your entry in now.