Native American Youth Academy Director Builds a Better World

By Charene Alexander Posted August 23, 2012 under Guest Authors, Personal Stories

This post is part of our “Dads Making a Difference” series, spotlighting fathers who are an active part of the community and preventing teen substance abuse. For more information or to nominate your own community member, see our online form.

Darrell Hillaire, of the Lummi Nation, has raised two children of his own and continues to be a father not only to his grandchildren but to many of the Native American youth in our tribal community. He serves as the Director of our Lummi Youth Academy, which houses Native American youth to einsure the safety and welfare of each, teaching the value of respect for self and others. Darrell has the love and respect of these children, and he is truly a force to be reckoned with when it comes to building a better place for our youth.