Sharing Branson’s Story with the World

By Stephanie Wardrip Posted August 13, 2012 under Guest Authors

This post is part of our “Dads Making a Difference” series, spotlighting fathers who are an active part of the community and preventing teen substance abuse. For more information or to nominate your own community member, see our online form.

My father, David Warner, is making a difference in our community by taking a stand against driving under the influence. Eight years ago, my family was struck with an unthinkable tragedy. My only son, Branson, was tragically killed by a drunk driver. Our family was devastated by this event – not only was Branson my only son, but he was my parents’ only grandson. Instead of allowing this event to turn us angry and bitter, my father decided to do something positive in Branson’s memory. Since that day in 2004, my father has worked actively with representatives, judges, and other elected officials to see that no other family goes through what we have had to endure. He shares Branson’s story with middle and high school students across the state of Kentucky to show them the dangers of drinking and driving. A long time ago, my father made a promise to Branson that he would always take care of him. Now, my dad is keeping his promise to Branson and helping to take care of families across our community. My father is truly a dad – and granddad – making a difference.