Welcoming Students To a New School Year!

By Tammy Posted September 12, 2012 under Talking to Your Teen

September is a month of new beginnings – for parents and teens alike. For students, it’s the perfect time to get involved in new extracurricular activities such as playing a sport or joining a club. For parents, this means new opportunities to support our teens and to show interest in the activities they enjoy.

Or better yet, start a new activity together this fall! I often talk about my book club, the Northport Community Book Club, because I have seen how this setting ignites conversations between parents and teenagers. It’s a great outlet for teens to express themselves and for parents to really listen. We’ve had great participation from the students, both past and present, and some have even taken it off to college with them. A book club is an easy way to talk with teens about serious issues without making them feel too uncomfortable, and it gives them something different to do with their peers. I’m excited to get started again this school year! To thank all of my students for their support and to reach out to other students, I created this back-to-school video. Take a look, share with your friends, and let me know what you think!