Keeping Up on the Facts

By Christy Posted June 30, 2008 under

I came across this story from a San Diego TV channel. The piece warned parents about over-the-counter medicine abuse, something we have been talking about for the last year here at

If this is the first you’ve heard of the trend, make sure to educate yourself about the signs of abuse. The news article points out one way to recognize abuse—knowing the slang kids use to describe cough medicine abuse:

Kids will often refer to these drugs as “dext,” “robo,” “tussin” or “triple c.”

“Another popular term is ‘Skittles,'” says Marshall Lewis, M.D. Clinical Director of the Behavorial Health Division of the County’s Health and Human Services Division, “because one preparation of the cough medicine looks like the candies Skittles.”

That’s not all you need to know, so check out all of our resources. If you’ve read them, be sure to double check since a refresher is always a good idea.