If You Talk, They’ll Listen

By Hilda Posted June 12, 2008 under

Are you ever worried that when you talk with your kids about drug abuse, they may not understand your concern?

I came across this letter printed in Maine’s Capital Times. I thought it was really interesting because it was from a unique perspective—a fifth-grader—s.

Shaun Gallagher, a student at Hussey Elementary School in Augusta, Maine, wrote:

Abusing drugs is not a good thing to do, because if you take an overdose of a drug, you could get hurt…

…but it’s not only older people who use drugs irresponsibly. Sometimes, even kids abuse drugs which affect their performances not only in school, but at home and in public. In fact, I read that 5.3 percent of people who live in the United States from ages 12 to 25 have used cold and/or cough medicine not prescribed by their doctor to get high at least once in a lifetime. I feel this is a major concern for children’s safety.

Your kids pick up more than you think. It is up to you to help teach them about the dangers of abuse. If you talk, they will listen.