Town Hall for All

By Becky Posted July 01, 2008 under

Last week, I had an opportunity to speak with officials at a local health facility. I shared a few of the brochures left over from last month’s town hall, and it was great to continue to talk to new people about the Five Moms mission. I must say, these gatherings are always interesting for me. Whether it’s a presentation or a town hall, these forums give people an opportunity to have their say on issues that are affecting their community.

Speaking at town hall meetings, PTA meetings, and community get-togethers is a simple and effective way to help spread the word about cough medicine abuse. The audience is usually composed of parents and community leaders who can benefit from the information you find here at Five Moms.

So get out and get involved, spread the message, tell your friends and neighbors about Five Moms, and let’s keep working together to stop cough medicine abuse.