Coin Flip

By Blaise Posted June 09, 2008 under

The Internet can be like a coin. On one side, there is a world full of great and useful information. On the flip side, however, there is questionable and sometimes even dangerous information, especially where our kids are concerned.

Don’t leave their safety up to chance. If you take some basic steps to talk with your kids about safe Internet usage, the odds can be in your favor. Take cough medicine abuse, for example. Teens have been using the Internet to share tips about how to abuse cough medicine and have posted videos of themselves high on cough medicine.

As soon as your children are old enough to be on the web, make sure you know what they’re looking at. And talk with them about the appropriate uses of the web and potential dangers online. You can find some more tips on safe Internet use for kids at this web site from the Nebraska government.