Home for the holidays

By Julie Posted December 07, 2007 under

While my daughter is a pre-teen, I am sure that many of you have older children coming back home from college for the holidays. It is so nice to have the whole family together around this time of year. Take advantage of this time to catch up with your older children and hear about the things they have been doing while away from home. Stories of classes, activities, and new friends will offer lots of great moments. While you catch up, be sure that you fill them in on the things you have been doing as well. Let them know what you've learned about the dangers of cough medicine abuse and that you've become involved in the Five Moms campaign to help prevent it. When your children are no longer living at home, you have even less time to talk to them about these issues. Arming them with your knowledge will give you peace of mind when they return to school in January.