Another community faces cough medicine abuse

By Christy Posted December 05, 2007 under

It is interesting to see the many different ways communities have responded after an incident of cough medicine abuse. In Terre Haute, Indiana, a teenager has decided to use her story as a lesson for the area. This young woman, who started abusing cold pills when she was 14, shared her experiences with a local TV station:

“It just makes you feel like you're in slow motion. Sometimes it scares you. At first you don't think it hits you but then as soon as you stand up, you think everyone's in slow motion. It probably lasts about three hours. My friends started stealing [cough medicine] talking about getting really messed up off them and they're really cool. So all of a sudden I took them.”

Take a lesson from this young woman's story and make sure your teen doesn't abuse cough medicine. You can read more here.