The “Open Door” policy

By Blaise Posted December 11, 2007 under

Many of us may remember an old teacher, a boss, or a colleague who utilized an “open door” policy. It was a simple reminder that no matter what the issue was, personal or business, we could always talk to that person about it. Since it is helpful in these other settings, it is certainly something for you to incorporate at home.

Any time, any where: that is how you should be willing to talk with your children. Remind them often that you are always there for them for their celebrations or concerns. Also, tell them you will understand if they feel more comfortable speaking with another adult, such as a teacher or other relative. Make sure they know that it is better to talk to someone than no one at all.

If they are more comfortable speaking with you about what is going on in their lives, you will be more at ease to let them know about the issues that matter the most to you. Keep an open door to communication with your kids.