Five Moms T.E.A.M Up with Local Organizations to Keep Teens Drug Free

By Stop Medicine Abuse Posted November 18, 2012 under Spreading Community Awareness

The Five Moms team is constantly working to prevent medicine abuse – across the nation and in their local communities. They cannot do it alone, and there are countless organizations in towns across the country making a difference to keep teens safe and prevent risky behaviors.

In the spirit of thanksgiving, this month,  is recognizing organizations in our Moms’ hometowns with the Five Moms  T.E.A.M. (Teen Education, Action, and Mentoring) Award.  Hear from the Moms on how these organizations make a difference in keeping teens safe and healthy in their communities:

Kick Butts Generation (Peggy; Dover, DE) – This organization is entirely led and run by students working to prevent tobacco use among Delaware teens. In their own words, “We like getting together and making a noise about the dangers of tobacco. We like change and make it happen.” Since 1999, these students have cleaned over 1 million cigarette butts off the beaches of Delaware, educated thousands of youths on the dangers of tobacco and secondhand smoke. They also advocated for anti-smoking legislation, ID checks on tobacco purchases, and FDA regulation of tobacco products. Find them on Twitter at @mykbg.

Full Circle Treatment Center (Christy; Roseville, CA) – In addition to treating teens who struggle with substance abuse, this center focuses on intervention and prevention by raising awareness and educating both parents and teens. The center provides literature on teen drug and alcohol abuse for parents and also has a Parent Project ® Course to help parents and teens navigate the adolescent years. They are on Facebook at Full Circle Treatment Center.

Communities That Care (Becky; Hutchinson, KS) – This organization brings alcohol and drug prevention programs to schools and stresses the importance of graduating high school. Developed specifically for the Hutchinson/Reno County area, their programs include “Parenting Wisely” courses and a Youth Leadership Program as well as presentations on bullying, substance abuse, and strengthening families. Find them on Twitter at @CTCRenoCounty or on Facebook at Reno County Communities That Care.

Northport Community Book Club (Tammy; Northport, NY) – Every month, a group of parents and teens meet in Northport N.Y. to read and discuss books which focus on substance abuse and individuals who have recovered from addiction. They also host community events such as town hall meetings, social activities, and substance abuse awareness events. They can be found on Facebook at Northport Book Junkies or on Twitter at @nptbookjunkies.

Foundation for Second Chances (FFSC) (Blaise; Los Angeles, CA) – FFSC is a community-based organization in Los Angeles, Ca. that utilizes hands-on education, mentoring, health awareness and community service to maximize the potential of youth. FFSC seeks to empower youth to achieve and sustain academic and personal success by developing positive life habits and breaking through limiting societal stigmas.  Find them on Facebook at Foundation for Second Chances or on Twitter at @2ndChancesInc.