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As men and women on the frontlines, your help is needed to raise awareness about the growing problem of OTC cough medicine abuse. Be on the lookout for young people who have cough medicine bottles, pills or tablets in their possession or vehicles.  Here’s how:

  • If you are a first responder, put OTC cough medicine abuse on your radar screen.
  • When you go on party patrols, remember that “pharming parties” – parties during which assorted prescription and over-the-counter medicines are used to get high – may be taking place.
  • Partner with your local community anti-drug coalitions to implement prevention and intervention measures.
  • Use the resources in this toolkit or order the free educational materials listed below.


Publications and Brochures

Order our free publications to share with colleagues and parents:

Informing Parents: Preventing Teen Cough Medicine Abuse: A Parent’s Guide
The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids and CHPA
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Educating Teens: The Real Truth About Rx and OTC Cough Medicine Abuse
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