What You Can Learn from the News

By Becky Posted December 20, 2007 under

I stay informed about different perceptions of cough medicine abuse by following news around the country. A recent article from the Mount Vernon News was valuable in showcasing many of the important facts about cough medicine abuse. I definitely recommend reading this piece because it talks about how teenagers are getting cough medicine and how they abuse it. It also demonstrated why teens are willing to take part in the risky behavior:

“They don't believe there's any real harm in it,” said [DEA Special Agent Rich] Isaacson. “The lower the perception of risk, the more likely kids are to mess around with it.”

You can gain a lot from staying up to date on the news. It is a great way to stay educated on the most recent facts about cough medicine abuse. We will continue to share important stories that we find, and please e-mail us with any news from your community.