A whole community responds

By Hilda Posted December 19, 2007 under

Awareness is the first step in fighting cough medicine abuse. We've been telling you about neighborhoods from across the country that have educated local parents about the dangers of cough medicine abuse. There have been town halls, school sessions, and workshops. Recently, a group of parents in the Southwest decided to create awareness their own way. These parents have decided to pitch in and help by creating a volunteer group called Parents on Patrol. That program has encouraged parents and grandparents to spend time at Yuma and Kofa High Schools in Arizona and help school officials identify any concerns on campus. Just last week, the parents and school officials in Yuma came together to present the facts about over-the-counter and prescription drug abuse. Led by a local police officer and other volunteers, the group helped to educate the community about the dangerous trend. You can read more about the presentation and the group here.