Welcome to the New FiveMoms.com!

By Julie Posted July 07, 2008 under

Returning to FiveMoms.com and surprised by what you see? Welcome to our new, redesigned site! Don't worry—you'll still be able to find all the great information you expect. We have just reorganized things and added some new resources for you. The biggest change you will see is that our site updates will now be coming once a week instead of nearly every day. Instead of short blog posts, we will feature a new article each week from one of the Five Moms. These longer stories will talk about what we're doing and how you can help us in our fight against cough medicine abuse. We hope that these stories give you a chance to learn even more about us and inspire you to find your own ways to protect your children from abuse. In addition to these stories, we've also moved some of our resources around so you can find them more easily. So, click through the site and explore to find the tools that will help you the most. Each section has something different to offer, so visit them all! Each one of us has taken charge of a section that will bring you the best tips and information for preventing cough medicine abuse:

  • “Learn” (Christy) — Stories to educate parents with information and news about cough medicine abuse.
  • “Act” (Becky) — A resource for information about being active at home and in the community, and our most important feature, Tell A Friend.
  • 'Talk” (Julie) — Advice and resources for talking with our children about everything from drugs to healthy lifestyles.
  • “Protect” (Blaise) — Active steps each parent can take to keep our kids safe from cough medicine abuse, including online safety.
  • “En Español” (Hilda) — Unique content and tools in Spanish.

We hope that you like our new look! We think that it makes it easier to find all the information you need to learn about the safe use of medicines, to talk with your kids about abuse and share that information with your friends, and to protect your family. Thanks for your dedication in our first year. With your help, we can make the second year even better.