Getting Ready for BlogHer

By Hilda Posted July 16, 2008 under
I'm Going to BlogHer 08

As mentioned in a previous post this month, I am excited to represent Five Moms at the BlogHer conference in San Francisco. For those of you who don’t know, BlogHer is a conference for women bloggers, by women bloggers, about women bloggers. And it is a great chance for female bloggers (and, from what I hear, a few men who want to hear the ladies’ perspective) to get together, talk, learn, and have fun.

Last year, Christy represented the Five Moms at the conference, and had a wonderful experience.

More than just looking forward to getting away from the Texas heat for a few days, I’m eager to meet other moms who share my passion for blogging about important parenting issues. The BlogHer conference will be a wonderful opportunity to illustrate how Five Moms can reach a wider audience and continue to raise awareness of cough medicine abuse.

Every year, BlogHer’s speakers, workshops, and discussion groups provide female bloggers with the tools and inspiration they need to define or expand the reach of their messages online. I have enjoyed my first year blogging with Five Moms, and I am looking forward to meeting and learning from more experienced bloggers at the conference.

In addition to attending the various BlogHer events scheduled for this year, I also will be celebrating the recent launch of the new Five Moms web site while in San Francisco. We are thrilled with our new look and resources, and with the prospect of introducing the new site in person to the sold-out crowd of bloggers and moms at the BlogHer conference.

I think our new site—and the Five Moms campaign in general—have poetic connections to this year’s BlogHer conference theme: “Reach!” When we redesigned our site, it was our goal to make it even friendlier to the all of the different communities that we are reaching with our message of awareness about teen cough medicine abuse. I hope to take away some great ideas about how to make our message reach even farther in the online community.

Our campaign is all about encouraging moms to help other moms understand this very real trend: kids are looking to family medicine cabinets to get high. I know from Christy’s experience last year, the Five Moms mission was warmly embraced at the 2007 BlogHer conference, so I have high hopes that the attendees this year also will join our effort.

If you will be attending BlogHer this year, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me. I would love to meet as many new people as possible while in San Francisco. Whether or not you plan to attend the BlogHer conference, I encourage you to check out the BlogHer08 web site to learn more about the programs that are offered and to find all of the great mom bloggers who will be there!