How Will You Help Teens?

By Stop Medicine Abuse Posted February 14, 2012 under Educating Yourself

Friend of The Five Moms, 2011 National D.A.R.E. Officer of the Year Tim Shoemaker, recently discussed the importance of having a roadmap for success in order to help teens to achieve their goals and help keep them on the right track. The same can be said for parents.  If we have goals we want to reach, we need a plan to achieve them. Each year, we get together to outline our hopes for the year and discuss what we’d like to achieve to help prevent teen cough medicine abuse. This year, we’re making it our mission to:

  1. Let parents know about the importance of having a conversation with their teen about cough medicine abuse.
  2. Empower parents, educators, and community leaders to take small steps which will help prevent abuse in their homes and their communities.

Each of us wanted to share our personal goals in helping to prevent teen cough medicine abuse in hopes of inspiring your own goals to help teens throughout this year.

  Tammy: In 2012, I want to raise awareness of medicine abuse and the Five Moms campaign through the Northport Community Book Club and also through my participation in the Marine Corps Marathon in DC. I also want to share the Five Moms message at local events in my community.
  ChristyI want to use my family’s story as a cautionary tale to educate other families about cough medicine abuse. It brings me comfort to know that my family’s experience has not been in vain. Others have been able to learn from our experience and take the steps necessary to protect their families.
  BeckyMy goals for the next year are twofold: I want to reach to provide local substance abuse treatment locations with information to pass long to their clients on cough medicine abuse. I also hope to do a workshop on cough medicine abuse for school teachers and administrators at the beginning of the school year.
  MistyI want to continue to be a face and voice of the Five Moms campaign, reminding parents that it is important to talk to their teens about drug abuse and other risky behaviors. I will share my story with other moms in the hope that they will take the steps to prevent abuse in their homes.
  BlaiseCommunities play an important role in preventing substance abuse. When I’m in my community, attending church events and visiting schools, I want to continue to spread awareness about the dangers of cough medicine abuse in particular so that others are aware of the dangerous behavior.

How will you help teens? Share your goals to prevent teen substance abuse with us in the comments below.