Voices of the Five Moms: Blaise

By Blaise Posted August 12, 2010 under Personal Stories

Throughout the summer, each of the Five Moms will be posting a video interview as they share their unique stories that led them to join the campaign. In this video, Blaise Brooks shares her personal journey as a Five Mom and educator over the past three years and highlights the importance of knowledge sharing and community in cough medicine abuse prevention.


Because I have my nephews, I have my daughter I had never heard of it and I wanted to help help spread awareness in my community, at my church, at the different schools that my family went to, and it's worked out.  As moms, we've spread the word across America.

Well, I'm more of an educator; I'm a Sunday school teacher, I tell kids there, I go to libraries, I tell kids there. I tell other parents. I do things online on Facebook on Myspace. I get the word out.

And plenty of people contact me when they think they're having trouble in their home, with their teen. So I think I've made a difference in just mentoring and helping to educate parents.

I would tell them to make they safeguard their medicine cabinets, continually. I want them to continue to talk to their children. I want their voice to be the voice in their child's head when they're out, when they're away from them. I just want them to talk. I want them to know that, you know, children are 50 percent less likely to use drugs if you talk about it in the home. So my main thing is just to focus on educating the parents to educate the children.

Moms are busy, they're working. They're not paying attention to some of the newer things that children are doing. So, it's good to tell them. It's good for educators to do it because they have their focus. They're the ones that they go to for help and information, so it's very important.