Teens learn about abusing dextromethorphan (DXM) online.

Parents should be aware that a number of websites and online communities promote the abuse of products containing DXM to get high. Some sites provide guides on how to achieve a high based on a user’s height and weight, how to combine it with other drugs, and what effects are to be expected at specific dosage levels. Websites to watch out for include:

  • Erowid.org
  • Dextroverse.org

Websites promoting DXM abuse are not the only online sources providing dangerous content to teens. Social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter include detailed instructions, user conversations, and videos of DXM abuse.  Users blog and post videos about specific plans to take DXM, how and when they will take it, and even recount abuse experiences.

How to Address the Online Influences

Look closer.

You may want to check out the websites for yourself to gain a better understanding of what teens can access. 
Search terms include “robotripping,” “DXM,” or other slang terms.
Go to YouTube, for example, and type in the keyword DXM.

Be aware.

If you are a parent, be on the look-out for packages that have been ordered from the Internet. Note the arrival of unexpected packages or payments by credit card or PayPal. Pay attention to how much time your child is spending on the Internet and the sites they are visiting.

Get Informed.

Visit WhatIsDXM.com with your teen and watch their videos for graphic, credible information on DXM abuse. Talk to your teenagers about what they’re seeing on the site.