Your Kids and MySpace

By Blaise Posted May 07, 2008 under

When it comes to social networks and teenagers, you may find that your kids have gotten very involved posting pictures, talking with friends, meeting new people. Tech-savvy teens have become experts at these activities. The Internet, however, also has become a popular place for teens to trade tips on how to abuse cough medicine and to share their experiences while high on cough medicine. To protect your kids, you should talk with them about the dangers of abuse and explain your expectations about how your kids should and should not use the Internet. Using sites like MySpace to find their friends is fun for your kids, so talk with them about it to show you are interested in their activities and so you have a better understanding of what your kids are doing online. You also should remind them that there are also plenty of sites they shouldn't be surfing. The only way they will know, though, is if you share your feelings on what is safe. You can find other tips on how to monitor your kids' computer use here at Five Moms.