Wyoming Recognizes Cough Medicine Abuse is a Problem

By Julie Posted July 26, 2007 under

States are becoming increasingly aware that cough medicine abuse is a problem. A recent Associated Press article highlighted the situation in Wyoming, after an informal state department of health survey of local law enforcement and substance abuse treatment staff concluded teens are indeed abusing cough medications. I'm glad to see that states are starting to see that this is a serious issue and, as in the case in Wyoming, are taking steps to educate parents! The AP article quotes Rodger McDaniel, deputy director of the Wyoming Department of Health: “We decided we wanted to make an effort to educate parents so they are more aware and watchful in the event they have children that are using cough syrup excessively,” he said. This is great news for parents in Wyoming. Whether you live in the Equality State or not, please help us tell every parent in America that cough medicine abuse is happening. Read the full article.