What’s on Tonight?

By Blaise Posted March 03, 2008 under

The entertainment awards season was like no other this year. I live in LA, and the entire town has been buzzing for months with speculation about the writers strike, what awards show would be cancelled, which show would go on. Even though the 80th annual Academy Awards are over, it's important for us as parents to continue monitoring what our children are watching on both the big and small screen. The award shows recognize the best in television and movies. As a parent, though, the programs you should recognize are the ones your children watch. We've written in the past about TV shows and movies that feature drug abuse and the importance of being aware of what are children are exposed to through these outlets. In fact, knowing what our children are watching can be an invaluable tool for preventing cough medicine abuse. Using something you saw in a TV show or movie can be an easy way to spark a conversation. Use television and movies to help make a point to your children about cough medicine and drug abuse.