What Are Other Parents Saying About Cough Medicine Abuse?

By Hilda Posted May 24, 2007 under

There is a conversation taking place about cough medicine abuse. Are you a part of it? Part of the Five Moms Campaign is getting parents together to talk about cough medicine abuse by teens. That is why we opened a discussion group called Five Moms on Gather. So far, we've had a range of stories, opinions, ideas, and suggestions. Here are some comments that we have received:

“I personally don't know of any cases that this has taken place, but it seems as if kids are going above and beyond to try anything to get a high. It is getting dangerous for our children and our children's children. I have been lucky so far to have my second child graduating and both have not touched drugs/alcohol – being extremely busy in sports has really helped a lot. I have one more to go and I pray like crazy we will be as lucky with her.” –  Trish B., Mount Pleasant, MI

“I agree that it is important for all parents to educate themselves about the drugs that are “trendy.” All kids want to be like their friends and will often make foolish decisions to be accepted by the group. Thanks for reminding parents that we need to be educated too.” – Clare Stella

What do you have to say about cough medicine abuse? The five moms would like to know. Please join us on Five Moms on Gather and share your thoughts. Not surprisingly, we've also had some comments on Gather from the pro-drug use crowd. They've made it very clear that they don't like what we're doing. We're not going to stop, however. They demonstrate to us the value of getting truthful information out there to parents. But we need your help. The five of us can't watch Gather all the time. So jump into the discussion and help us out. Share your ideas, and, if the pro-drug use folks show up and spout propaganda, let them know where you stand. Thanks in advance for your continued support.