The Latest Trends Concerning Your Teens

By Blaise Posted May 19, 2010 under Recognizing Warning Signs

Teens are always on the cutting edge of trends. Just think about your own teen – he or she may be a fashionista, the authority on video games, or on top of the latest music movements. And while these trends are mostly harmless, some teen trends can be dangerous. Technology trends like texting, for example, are currently popular with teens, but some parents find themselves having a hard time keeping up with their tech savvy children – and their kids are getting in trouble. One disturbing trend called “sexting,” which involves teens sending lewd or explicit messages or photos, can have lasting social and legal implications for your child. But this isn’t the only trend that technology is helping to advance. Another is the abuse of over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription medicines. The Internet is a source that teens can use for information on how to abuse OTC cough medicines. Social networking sites that are largely popular with teens have users who blog and post videos promoting the abuse of cough medicines and recount their experiences abusing OTC medicines. So how can you stay informed about what’s going on in teen culture, such as medicine abuse? Educate yourself about substances that are being abused and learn more about OTC cough medicine abuse by keeping up with us on and on our Facebook page. Be sure to communicate with your kids that there are risks to abusing these medicines, and reiterate that abusing OTC medicines can be as dangerous as using street drugs. You can’t choose or predict which trends teens will pick up next, so be sure to talk with your teens about their activities, interests, and peers. Paying attention to the television programs, music, and magazines they’re interested in will help you communicate and relate to them better. What trends have you noticed lately and how do you stay current? Share your advice with others on our Stop Medicine Abuse Facebook fan page.

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