The Good Distractions

By Becky Posted October 24, 2007 under

I went back a few months in my web browser bookmarks and found a link I saved to the Partnership for a Drug Free-America's web site. They have a great list of 23 tips to keeping your children drug-free. One of my favorites is the second tip on the list:

Get your kids involved in adult-supervised after-school activities. Ask them what types of activities they're interested in and contact the school principal or guidance counselor to find out what activities are available for your child. Sometimes it takes a bit of experimenting to find out which activities your kids are best suited for, but it's worth the effort — feeling competent makes kids much less likely to use drugs.

There are lots of good distractions out there that will help your kids find the things they love to do. It will give you something to talk about with them as well as give you a way to be involved even when you can't be around. All the tips that the Partnership lists are incredibly helpful. Check them out here. And add it to your bookmarks along with the Five Moms web site!