Tell Five More

By Blaise Posted October 22, 2007 under

Back when we launched the Five Moms campaign, we pledged to make parents aware of the surprising statistics about cough medicine abuse. One out of every 10, or 2.4 million teenagers, has reported abusing cough medicine to get high. More parents are becoming aware – thanks to you – but we cannot stop until even more know. So far, we've reached over 22 million parents. But there are still millions who don't know about this dangerous trend. You have been instrumental in getting out the word. At the beginning of the campaign, we Five Moms asked you to tell five friends. If you haven't, now is the time. If you have, we ask you this: Tell five more. Tell five more parents about this issue. Talk about it with someone you may not have discussed it with before. If you haven't taken the Five Moms Pledge [link no longer available], sign it now and continue to spread the word!