Talking Amongst Ourselves

By Becky Posted January 23, 2008 under

Three or four times over the course of a week, the Five Moms continue to post about different aspects of our fight against cough medicine abuse. Whether it is here at Five Moms or over in our community on Gather, you know that we like to bring you as many news articles, tips, and facts about abuse as possible. But we need your help to find more tips and discussions. It is important to us to get the Five Moms members involved in our mission. That's why we created the Five Moms All-Stars to recognize those parents who have found a way to spread the word about cough medicine abuse. But the simple things are important, too. As the Five Moms, we want to do more than just post our thoughts on the web site and at Gather. We want to participate in conversations and answer your questions. Leave a comment, a question, or a discussion point and we will get involved and help you in your fight. That's what makes a great community: everyone working and talking together to achieve something for the common good.