Stress relief around the holidays

By Julie Posted December 17, 2007 under

For more than one reason, the end of the semester for school can be stressful for our children. This is something I have seen first hand this winter since I started finals for my own post-graduate studies. It has allowed me to see why this time of year can be chaotic for students of any age. It also has taught me an important lesson in the value of stress reduction. Our focus here at Five Moms is offering ways to talk with your kids about important issues like cough medicine abuse. This week, instead of sitting them down and adding more to their plates, just offer yourself to them if they need a moment to chat. Our kids have so many stresses in their lives; it's important that we remind them that we are always ready to listen. Keep in mind every aspect of your child's health and wellness this busy time of the year. It will help make you happy and put you all in a great place to enjoy the many festivities.