One-on-One Time and Open Conversations Can Protect Your Teens From Abuse

As a parent of a teenager you are fully aware of just how difficult it can be to monitor all areas of their life, especially those that your teen wishes to hide. As a stepmother to two teen girls I have had my fair share of snippy tones and the “You just don’t trust me do you?” I do trust my daughters, but I know what they are capable of and what other teenagers they may be exposed to are capable of. As a parent it is my JOB to protect them and be “nosy” when I see fit. While this can cause a little strain on a parent/child relationship it is all for the best because we are keeping our children out of trouble.

Today more and more teens are experimenting with illicit drugs and prescription and over-the-counter medications for recreational use and it is outright scary. As a parent sticking our children in a protective bubble seems like a great idea but is just not practical, and they clearly would not appreciate it. This is why it is so important to have open lines of communication with your children, to know who their friends are, what they do with their friends and where they are going any time they leave the house. While getting this information can be a little more difficult from some teens than others, by keeping a positive spin on your conversation it can be easier to get the information you need.

Making your teen feel comfortable in talking to you about their social and recreational activities can be as simple as going out to dinner, just the two of you, practicing driving in a calm area or even out shopping. These positive activities can get your teen to loosen up and feel like, regardless of what is going on in their life you are not looking to punish them but to be aware and help educate them on safe and healthy choices. When it comes to the abuse of illicit drugs and medicines abuse it is extremely important to stress the dangers! Yes, you may experience a feeling of euphoria but it only last so long and you are putting your health and life at risk each time you are using. Yes, peer pressures are a lot for teenagers to overcome but when they are equipped with the proper tools and have open lines of communication with parents they will be able to say no and make the right choice. Giving your teen all the information, including causes and effects of drug use, will help guide them to making the right choice, the drug free choice.

If your teen is abusing drugs and/or alcohol on a regular basis, you are fearful that they are becoming addicted, or your teen has come to your regarding their abuse problem, contact to find the help you need.