Sign the Five Moms Pledge

By Julie Posted August 13, 2007 under

The Five Moms are asking other moms around the country to take a pledge to find out more about cough medicine, talk to their kids, safeguard their medicine cabinets, and tell everyone they know. [Link no longer available]

The Five Moms Pledge

One out of every 10, or 2.4 million teenagers, has reported abusing cough medicine to get high. One out of 4 teens knows someone who has.

Most parents have no idea that this is happening.

These trends end with me:

  • I am an individual who is concerned about the dangerous and increasing trend of teen cough medicine abuse.
  • I support moms whose children and lives have been affected by cough medicine abuse.
  • I believe that parents can turn this problem around by educating each other, talking to our kids, and safeguarding our medicine cabinets.
  • I pledge to tell at least five parents that cough medicine abuse is happening and that we can prevent it.

[Link no longer available]