Resources You May Not Know About

By Christy Posted September 15, 2008 under

In order to have a conversation with your kids and friends about cough medicine abuse, you need to be armed with all the facts about the habit. One of our goals at Five Moms is to make sure you have the most accurate information, so that when you sit down to talk with your kids about dextromethorphan abuse, you are prepared to answer their questions. There are lots of ways to get information about cough medicine abuse, and the good news is many of the best resources are available online. Over the past year, regular readers have probably become familiar with where they can go to find information about this substance abuse behavior. Whether you are a new visitor or a frequent reader, keep these great online resources in mind: For starters, check out the research that we have pulled together on our site. In the Learn section of, there are many different resources for you to read and share with friends. While on our site, familiarize yourself with the facts about cough medicine abuse. If you are looking for something to print out and read, we also have this great parent's guide that explains the issue. It's also available in Spanish here. Our site isn't the only place with great information, though. Here are more places for you to learn about cough medicine abuse:

  • What is DXM offers a great overview of the dangers of cough medicine abuse, and is something that you can share with your kids – they'll find it informative and intriguing. In fact, it's a site made especially for kids.
  • Many parents are familiar with the Anti-Drug campaign. Did you know they have a really useful and educational web site as well? They have gathered important information about cough medicine abuse and posted it here.
  • For downloadable resources available to help you host your own neighborhood meeting on cough medicine abuse, A Dose of Prevention is a great place to look.

Do you have some resources that you use and share with your friends when talking about cough medicine abuse? Feel free to share them with us on the Five Moms community at Gather, or you can e-mail them to me. Parents can't stop or prevent cough medicine abuse if they don't know about it. By spending only a few minutes learning about cough medicine abuse, you can do your part to keep your kids and community safe.