Reacting to Monitoring the Future

By Christy Posted January 08, 2008 under

Last month, we told you about the Monitoring the Future report, an annual study on teen trends conducted by University of Michigan. I read an article that discussed what some of the numbers mean and where we, as parents, should be looking. We were certainly happy to see that the numbers of students abusing over-the-counter medicine did not increase in this year's report, but there are still many things we can learn. One of the most important lessons we always share is safeguarding your medicine cabinet. This article reiterates that the dangers of abusing medications aren't as obvious as with illegal drugs:

[Muskegon County Undersheriff Dean] Roesler said. “There is a false impression that the consequences aren't as severe as with dealing and using illicit street drugs.” Muskegon County Prosecutor Tony Tague agrees. “I don't think most young people realize that using prescription drugs outside their intended purpose can be a deadly game.”

Talk with your children about the importance of only using nonprescription and prescription medicines as directed and under your guidance. Let's work together to make the 2008 report show a decrease in abuse across the board.