“Ratatouille:“ Tasty Food, Cute Rats, and a Good Lesson

By Blaise Posted July 12, 2007 under

I took my daughter to see Ratatouille this weekend and I have to tell you, I never thought rats could be so cute. I'll admit I cringed when a group of rats flooded the kitchen to cook up a storm and save the day for Gustav's restaurant, but it is definitely one of the most enjoyable kid's movies I personally have seen in a while. One of the not-so-subtle story lines was about how important it is for parents to support their kids' dreams, even those less-than-typical dreams. I would take it even a step further and say it's important for parents to be a part of their kid's dreams and lives. It's just one more way we can keep communications open, and hopefully keep our children away from substance abuse. Cooking with your kids can be a great way to share time together and foster communication. On that note: Here is great recipe for ratatouille that you can make with your kids!