Protect Your Kids Through Your Actions

By Blaise Posted March 05, 2010 under

Our goal at Five Moms is to ensure that parents know the facts about OTC cough medicine abuse and what they can do to protect their teens. At this point in their lives, our teens may push for more independence, but they still need our support, encouragement, and guidance. As parents, we can  protect our teens from getting involved in cough medicine abuse by showing them that we care. The hours we see our family during the day are limited between school, work, and extra circular activities, so treasure the time you have together and show your teens they have your support and guidance to help them make the right decisions in life. As your teens grow older and want more independence, they may act as though your support isn’t needed. You can show them that you will always support them by being there and acting as a strong influence in their lives. As parents, we can also show our love for our teens by being more involved in their lives. Spending time with them can be as easy as walking the dog or watching television together. As I’ve said in the past, family meals are also a great way to get the whole family involved and provide a perfect opportunity to talk with them about cough medicine abuse. The value of talking to our teens about substance abuse cannot be underestimated. By talking to them as often as possible, you not only let them know that they’re important, but you also give your teens many opportunities to discuss what’s on their minds. If we listen to what our teens are saying, we not only show them we care about what they have to say, but we also get a better sense of what support they need from us. Showing your love is just another thing you can do to protect your teens from engaging in OTC cough medicine abuse or even illicit drug use. Share your thoughts and advice about how you protect your teens on our Stop Medicine Abuse Facebook fan page at