Our First All-Star

By Becky Posted February 06, 2008 under

When we started searching for the Five Moms All-Stars, we were hoping to receive inspiring stories from parents about how they spread the word about cough medicine abuse. We didn't realize that selecting a winner from these entries would be so difficult. We could only pick one, though, and I'm pleased to announce that it's a Five Moms member from my own state, Kansas: Rose Mary Kendrick! We have more in common than location, though: Rose Mary is a fellow D.A.R.E. officer from Sterling! Rose Mary said that she first heard about the Five Moms from her school's superintendent, and from there, she has been passing the word on to teachers and other friends. She also took the message to educate others to heart, and she teaches about the dangers of over-the-counter drug abuse in her classes, especially with younger children. Congratulations, Rose Mary, and thank you for your all-star work to help raise awareness about cough medicine abuse. But we aren't done with our search. We want to find four more All-Stars over the next four months and recognize their great work to show our gratitude. Our February contest ends on February 25, so submit your story today!