Now That You Have Learned, Teach Your Friends

By Christy Posted July 17, 2009 under

BlogHer '09 In Real Life

The BlogHer conference in Chicago is coming up at the end of this week, and again this year, bloggers in attendance will be able to find valuable information about preventing teen cough medicine abuse. The spotlight for our efforts this year will be on our Stop Medicine Abuse initiative.

I had a great time when I attended two years ago, but I speak for all the Five Moms when I say that we are proud to watch evolve and grow. The sold-out BlogHer conference is a perfect venue for our message and we look forward to talking to other parents and asking them to spread the word.

I know the Five Moms are very fortunate to play a part in a conference that brings so many amazing bloggers together. It is important to remember, however, that it shouldn’t take a big event for us to spread the word about OTC medicine abuse. Take a moment to think about your week and all of the mini-conference moments you probably have. Where do you gather with other parents to talk about your kids, the news, or your neighborhood?

The next time you attend a sporting event, go to a PTA meeting, or have a girl’s night out, think about initiating a conversation about your teens. Send an e-mail to your friends to invite them to join our online mailing list for updates. The next time you are updating your Facebook page, you could recommend that your friends become fans of our Stop Medicine Abuse Fan page.

Our articles are designed to educate parents about OTC medicine abuse and provide tips for how to talk about this difficult subject. Between the various tools and free resources provided on the Stop Medicine Abuse web site and information from national surveys and other important organizations, there are a variety of avenues to explore as you educate yourself and others.

There are many simple ways we can teach our friends about this topic without sounding like we are lecturing. How have you taught your friends about OTC cough medicine abuse? Don’t forget to share your stories with others at