Not My Teen: Trends to Know – Binge Drinking Among Teen Girls is Both Dangerous and Overlooked

Every month, we’re keeping you informed on the latest studies and research in our “Not My Teen” blog series. Today, we’re looking at binge drinking among teens – especially teenage girls.

Parents of teenage girls, did you know 1 in 5 teen girls binge drink? According to a new study from the CDC, binge drinking is a serious issue among high school girls. Survey results show that 20% of high school girls go on drinking binges each month, consuming 4 or more drinks at a time. In a statement, the head of the CDC’s Alcohol Program, Dr. Robert Brewer, said “”It is alarming to see that binge drinking is so common among women and girls, and that women and girls are drinking so much when they do…the good news is that the same scientifically proven strategies for communities and clinical settings that we know can prevent binge drinking in the overall population can also work to prevent binge drinking among women and girls.”

As always, talking to your teens is a good first step toward prevention. If you think your teens are at risk for binge drinking or other risky behaviors like over-the-counter cough medicine abuse, say something before it’s too late. The full study results, as well as tips for prevention, are available in this fact sheet from the CDC.