Mother’s Day Series: One of the Most Amazing Women in the World

By Cody Walsh Posted May 14, 2013 under Guest Authors

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re bringing you a series of blog posts from the Five Moms’ children about why their mothers are so special and how they have impacted their lives! This post was authored by Five Moms' Tammy's son, Cody Walsh.

My mother is one of the most amazing women in the world.  She does anything and everything to help a troubled child in need. About four to five years ago our family went through a really rough time with my younger brother and like any other family that has gone through a bout with drug abuse, it is definitely unknown territory no matter how much you think you know. Our mom was the glue, stitching, nails, and everything in between that held our family together when we didn’t know what else to do. She never gave up and I don’t think she ever will.

Now that it is behind us, she has focused her efforts on helping families and children that have been through what our family has. She spends a majority of her time outside of work thinking of new ways and working with other groups to bring the growing problem of medicine and drug abuse to light and to remove the stigma that comes with it. I have seen other groups try to do what she does; but it seems like it’s more for recognition and the feeling of thinking they are making a difference.  My mom doesn’t care if anyone knows who she is or what she does, she just wants to help people that feel like they can’t be helped. All she wants is for the word to be spread that there is an epidemic in today’s society. In all honesty, when she started the book club I thought “what is one person going to do? You’re not going to reach everyone by yourself, it’s impossible.”  Six months later I was proven terribly wrong, she was in local newspapers, holding seminars, and representing parents who didn’t know where to turn from all over the place. I’m really proud of what my mom has done and while she might not save everyone, what she is doing will save one life somewhere down the road and that will make it all worth it.

LOVE YOU MOM!! Happy Mother’s Day!!