Mother’s Day Series: Greatest Mom Ever

By Justin Crandell Posted May 09, 2013 under Guest Authors

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re bringing you a series of blog posts from the Five Moms’ children about why their mothers are so special and how they have impacted their lives! This post was authored by Five Moms' Christy son, Justin Crandell.

Although I may be biased, I’ve titled this blog “Greatest Mom Ever” for a reason. However, maybe this would be better titled “Greatest Person Ever” with her impact on our local community and beyond. Based on the prompt, this is supposed to address what impresses me most about my mom and her contribution to others, so let’s start with the facts. She has taken what most would call a tragedy, a 13-year prison sentence to her eldest son (my brother), and spun it into saving lives across the nation through five key steps.

Step one, develop a local program called RCASA to create awareness about teen drug abuse in the community of Rocklin. Step two, write a published book to help other parents understand drug addiction and know the warning signs to prevent the same “tragedy” from happening. Step three, create the only outpatient adolescent drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Placer County to save the lives of struggling teens. Step four, partner with Parent Project to control every aspect of the rehabilitation process; thus teaching parents how to deal with out of control teens. Step five, become one of the Five Moms across the nation chosen to represent the Five Moms campaign and spread awareness about cough medicine abuse.

You see, all of these things my mother has done is because she knows the pain and heartache that she experienced with my brother. Her goal was to change a life, even if it was just one, through early intervention and awareness of teen drug addiction. While it’s not possible to quantify, I would argue that she has changed thousands. Because this is a blog for my mom on Mother’s Day, I feel compelled to go one step further about her greatness. She is the single best mother anyone could ask for. She and my father continue to visit my brother every weekend in prison and have a better relationship than ever. Not once have I asked her for a favor that she hasn’t followed through beyond expectation. Not once have I questioned her love for our family. Not once have I questioned her ability to change lives. Not once have I thought, beyond a shadow of doubt, that there is anyone in this world that is a greater mother than she.