More Great News in Missouri

By Becky Posted October 18, 2007 under

Congratulations again to those who arranged a community workshop about cough medicine abuse in Springfield, Missouri. Your initiative in spreading the word will help protect kids throughout your community. An article in last week's Springfield News-Leader recounted the event:

“Prescription and over-the-counter medicine abuse has been increasing dramatically,” Community Partnership Administrator Chris Davis told a room packed with dozens of local school, health, and law enforcement workers. They had come to the Doling Park Family Center to learn about the latest trends in medication abuse, and to have information to take back to their co-workers. The Community Partnership distributed folders containing information on teen medication abuse, as well as tips on organizing a community meeting to address the problem.

It is great to see communities taking action to educate about cough medicine abuse! Don't stop now! Learn more about how you can inform your community by visiting the site Dose of Prevention.