Mommy Off the Record Posts About the Five Moms Campaign

By Hilda Posted May 22, 2007 under

The popular mommy blog, Mommy Off the Record, posted a blog about cough medicine abuse and the Five Moms Campaign. Here a bit of the piece by Cristina Matthews:

Did you know that it is becoming increasingly common for teens to take cough medicine to get high? Currently, one in ten teens has abused cough medicine. One in ten! That is a frightening statistic, especially considering that virtually every household in America has cough medicine sitting out in their medicine cabinets. Until last week, I would have thought nothing of keeping cough medicine within reach of teenage children. That is, until I was contacted by the Five Moms Campaign. Five Moms is a group of, you guessed it, five real moms who have started a campaign to get the word out about this issue. Their mission? To tell other moms about the dangers of teen cough medicine abuse. The idea is that they tell five moms, who tell five moms, who tell five moms and so on, until families are armed with the information they need to prevent their children from falling victim to cough medicine abuse.

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