Mom 2 Mom: Another Mother’s Take on Cough Medicine Abuse

This month, we asked each of the Five Moms to sit down with another mother in their community and interview her about cough medicine abuse. In this post, Becky shares her experience speaking with Mandi, a mom of two, ages 8 and 11. 

Becky: As a mother, what concerns you most when it comes to substance abuse?
Mandi: Peer pressure and how to keep my child aware of its dangers

B: What are your feelings on medicine/OTC abuse?
M: Scared.  It’s readily available in everyone’s home. Talking to your child is sometimes not enough. Wish there were more videos available about the side effects and harmful sides of these drugs.
[Becky’s Note: Parents, if you’re looking for information, make sure to visit]

B: What do you suggest others can do to protect their home?
M: I can protect my home, but other parents and relatives are not as aware. How do I approach the subject with them?
[Becky’s Note: Sharing our website or Facebook page is a great start. You can also talk to other parents in front of your children so that everyone benefits.]

B: Any other thoughts?
M: Talking to your kids can be difficult because teens and preteens tend to intentionally “leave out” info from parents so they don't get in trouble.  You need to stay involved and reassure them that your interest and questions are only for their safety, not to get their friends into trouble.

What do you think about Mandi’s interview – do you find it hard to talk to your teens? Share your tips in the comments below!