Making Your Summer Plans to Keep Your Teens Active and Safe

By Becky Posted August 02, 2010 under

How are we already so far into summer? Still, it isn’t all over yet, and keeping our kids safe and healthy while they’re on vacation can seem like a full-time job. Even if work or commitments keep us from being around, we still can be present in our teens’ lives by providing fun, somewhat-structured activities and talking to them about the risks of OTC medicine abuse.

According to the National Youth Anti-Drug Campaign, teens who are involved in constructive, adult-supervised activities are much less likely to use drugs than those who aren’t. Sit down with your kids and come up with a list of activities that are both safe and enjoyable, such as summer sports leagues and camps. Come up with ideas that you both like, that way your kids are much more likely to stick with and enjoy the activities..

While talking about the things your kids can do to keep active, explain to them why you think it’s important that they do something constructive while on summer vacation. Talking to your teen is an important activity you can do. It certainly is important where keeping teens drug-free is concerned. For help in starting the conversation about substance abuse, visit the Partnership for a Drug-Free America’s website.

You’ll be glad you had these conversations and your kids will have an active and safe summer.

What ideas do you have to help your kids stay busy this summer?  Share your advice with other parents at the Stop Medicine Abuse Fan page on Facebook.