Knowing Your Teens’ Friends

By Christy Posted December 12, 2009 under Recognizing Warning Signs

Taking the time to talk to teens about what’s going on in their lives can really make a difference.  Not only is it important to talk to your teens about their own life, but it is also vital to talk to them about their peers. Since friends can have significant influence over your teens, peer pressure can play a large role in teen drug abuse. These five tips can help keep your teens out of trouble:

  1. Talk to your teen on a regular basis. Although it may not always seem like it, you are the most powerful voice in your teens’ lives.
  2. Get to know your teens’ friends. Learn their names, invite them over, and get to know them and their parents.
  3. Make sure to ask your teen questions about their plans. Where are they going? Who will they be with? Will they be supervised? I cannot stress the importance of these questions.
  4. Talk openly and honestly about the peer pressure that revolves around teen drug abuse. Many teens face peer pressure issues at some point, and it is essential that you take the time to form an open line of communication with them about the dangers of cough medicine abuse.
  5. Know the warning signs on OTC cough medicine abuse. Being able to identify when your teen may be abusing cough medicine is the best way to prevent a problem and it will help you explain to your kids that substance abuse is not okay with you.

I know that talking with your teens about sensitive issues, such as drug abuse, can be tough, but communication with your teens is key in keeping them safe and healthy. It is so important that we talk with our teens about substance abuse, and that we talk with them often. Have you successfully been able to talk to your teen about pressure from their peers? I encourage you to share your experiences and tips for other parents on the Stop Medicine Abuse Facebook fan page at