Keeping Your Teen Involved in the Community

By Hilda Posted March 24, 2010 under

It feels like we’re finally into spring after a winter that has gone on record as one of the coldest and snowiest. Even some parts here in Texas have seen uncharacteristic amounts of snow. While it’s nice to sit inside and lounge around, it’s also important for our teens to get out of the house and connect with others. Keeping them involved in the community can help prevent abuse of OTC cough medicine because when teens are active, they’re more likely to make good decisions.

I understand that sometimes outdoor activities might not be possible, especially in nasty weather. Thankfully, there are many places indoors where your child can stay active. Even though school takes priority, having your teens take on a part-time job will allow them to feel more independent and create a sense of responsibility. Whether it’s working at a local restaurant on the weekends, tutoring a younger student, or even shoveling snow for the neighbors, it is a good way to keep them active, exercise responsibility, and even help them earn a paycheck.

It doesn’t have to be a job, either. Having your teens volunteer is also a great way to get them more involved in the community and is now a graduation requirement at many schools. The Internet can provide you with great advice and ideas on local volunteer opportunities specific to your area. You can also check with your children’s school to see what other resources are available and be sure to talk with your teens to get a sense of what types of community activities they may enjoy.

By keeping our teens active, we are helping provide constructive activities that will keep them away from making poor choices. How do you keep your teens active and involved in the community during the winter months? Share your tips with on the Stop Medicine Abuse Facebook Fan page or through our Twitter page.