Keeping Our Teens Involved This Summer

By Hilda Posted August 04, 2009 under

After the initial excitement of summer vacation wears off, things tend to slow down for our teens. Many of us find them lounging around the house waiting for their cell phones to ring or glued to the television. With all the activities and opportunities available to teens these days, it is tough for parents to watch children succumb to boredom. There’s more than one reason to fight idleness: Keeping teens active this summer not only keeps them healthy, but also can help prevent the abuse of OTC cough medicine. The busier they are, the less likely they are to try a risky thing such as medicine abuse.

In the spirit of getting teens involved, here are a few tips on how to get your kid out the door and into the community.

Local Events

Summer is usually full of community events and activities, many of which are free. Whether theater performances, sporting events, craft fairs, or carnivals, community events are perfect for a family outing, and will let your teen connect with his or her community. And many local events are listed online. Check out sites like eventful, a great resource for finding out what is happening in your area.

Volunteer Work

Encourage your teen to sign up for a shift at the local soup kitchen or for a training session to socialize animals at the ASPCA. There are endless opportunities to get your teen involved and active through volunteer work. Volunteering not only provides an opportunity to give back to the community but also leaves a sense of accomplishment.

Summer Jobs

Lots of time spent hanging out with friends may mean that your teen’s bank account is in need of some replenishing. Why not encourage your teen to get a job? The summer may be on its way out, but there are still plenty of things kids can do to earn some extra money. Teens can help the neighbors out with some handy work or tutor other students in preparation for the new academic year. The Primerica Blog has some more great ideas for how to find your teen some work before the summer is over.

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