Join Together Recommends Prevention Education Include Families, Communities

By Christy Posted September 25, 2007 under

How are schools teaching our children about drugs and alcohol? Join Together, a resource for communities working to reduce substance abuse, and Communitas Online surveyed 3,500 kindergarten through twelfth-grade educators to identify barriers teachers face in teaching substance-abuse prevention and to identify the types of training, support, and materials they need to improve the effectiveness of their prevention efforts. Join Together found that “schools should not be relied on as the primary element in the country's efforts to prevent the early initiation and consequences of alcohol and drug use.” In addition, they recommend that we take a “comprehensive approach that includes families, schools, and the community as a whole.”  Moms, that's our cue to be more involved in preventing drug and alcohol abuse. To read more about how parents can work with schools and community institutions to teach children about drug and alcohol please read the full report from Join Together.