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By Christy Posted May 28, 2008 under

I found an article from the Lodi News-Sentinel (Lodi, California, isn’t too far from where I live) about cough medicine abuse. There were some really interesting comments posted online about this article. Here are a few:

“Some of these kids come from a very happy home life and just decide to take stupid chances. Teens are notorious for thinking nothing bad will happen to them even if they abuse drugs and alcohol.”

“I would say that just because these kids know what’s going on around them does not mean they are partaking in the abuse of cough syrup. With that said, I think all parents should be reading this and all other info on drug and alcohol abuse by teens. Be aware.”

“Parents need to be more involved in what is going on with their children.”

It is encouraging to see people are actively discussing the topic. It’s more encouraging to see that parents are getting the message about cough medicine abuse. Get educated, join the discussion, and talk with other parents about cough medicine abuse.